Farm is well equipped with latest agriculture machinery/equipment to meet the need of the day.Mango Orchards , Litchi gardens, Tunnel Farming, Sugar Cane, Vegetables,Beef, Mutton & Lamb, Red Offal & Rhodes Grass are main sparking stars of Farm

Rhodes Grass

Rhodes Grass is grown 0n almost 1600 Acres.We have latest  machinery/equipment to grow and maintain the quality of Rhodes Grass Hay.With the existing equipment we are quite capable to manage and grow Rhodes grass on more than 5000 acres


Mango Orchard grown on 323 Acres.There are lots of varieties of mangoes.All plant protection measures are being taken to maintain the quality of fruit,picking is conducted in most modern ways.Mango is being exported to Europe & UAE


Litchi garden is covering almost 101 acres of farm.All measures are being taken to improve the quality of fruit.Litchi is being exported to Europe and United Arab Emirates


Onion, Carrots, Cucumber, Tomato ,Capsicum and Turnip is grown on vast area of our farm and are being sold in local and International market.

Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane is grown on 770 acres of our farm and are being sold in local market.


we have some of the most consistently tasty beef available in the world. We offer our Customers half or quarter chilled carcass packed in cotton bags according to the customer requirements.

Mutton & Lamb

We prides itself on offering the highest and most consistent quality premium Mutton & Lamb in the world market.

Red Offal

We supplies a full range of beef and goat/sheep offal products trimmed to the specific requirements of customers in different global markets.

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